First of all, the St. Sabina Sports Association would like to thank you for your interest as a manager or coach.  Thank you for all your time and effort.  Without your work, there would be no sports program.   This section contains information you, as a manager or coach, will find useful and interesting. 

Steps Needed To Become A Manager Or Coach

1) You must complete the "Protecting God's Children" class.  Follow this link to find and register for upcoming classes. http://www.cycstl.net/
2) You must have a Background Check done.  Download document below.
3) You must read and sign the "Code Of Ethics" booklet.  The signed page must be turned in.  Download this document below.
4) The "Coaching Concepts"  class is required for all managers and coaches in both CYC and Training levels.  Go to the http://www.cycstl.net/ to find dates and times for upcoming classes or to take the class online.  The cost for the class is approximately $20.00.  You will have to pay for the class but the St. Sabina Sports Association will reimburse you, if you would like.  To be reimbursed, simply bring your certificate or coaches ID card you receive upon completion to a sports meeting.  You are always invited to attend board or general meetings anyway.  It's a good time to see what all goes on "behind the scenes" at the St. Sabina Sports Association.   

Coaching Guidelines As Set Forth By The St. Sabina Sports Association (SSSA)

  • Know the current news and events at St. Sabina Sports.  Visit the SSSA website at least once a week.
  • Be a knowledgeable manager/coach.  Know the rules of the game and the by-laws of the CYC, NCCYC and SSSA.
  • The St. Sabina Field Condition Rainout Line is 314-995-1569.  Any rainouts for all training league and tournament games at St. Sabina will be announced on the number.
  • Use common sense when on St. Sabina Athletic Fields.  Don't play or practice on wet and/or damaged areas.  Take the time to clean up trash after your practice or game.  Also, do not practice on Sabina Fields while there are league or tournament games being played.
  • All managers and coaches should complete the "Protecting God's Children" class, the "Coaching Concepts" class, read and sign the "Code Of Ethics" book and submit to a background check.
  • Attend at least two (2) SSSA general sports meetings.  Preferably during the season you are coaching.
  • Encourage your player's parents to get involved in the SSSA and SSSA fund raisers.  Fund raisers are our best way to maintain uniforms and equipment.
  • Be responsible for the actions of yourself, your team, parents and spectators at any CYC event.  Violations are subject to the disciplinary action of the CYC and/or SSSA.
  • Maintain communication with your sport Coordinator, SSSA, parents and team members.  Clear any tournament participation with SSSA Executive Board.
  • SSSA recommends two (2) coaches per team.
  • Be responsible for the distribution and collection of uniforms and equipment policies as set forth by SSSA.  Contact the Uniform/Equipment Coordinator with any questions or concerns.
  • It is highly recommended that you provide a safe environment for your players.  It is a good idea to have in your possession a basic first aid kit.  You should warm up and/or have a stretching routine before practices and games.  The safety of your players should be a priority.
  • Have the opportunity for your players to learn the basic skills of the sport.  Schedule weekly practices.
  • Providing players have attended practices and followed the rules, allow all players to play at least half the game at the Training League level and the mandatory 25% of the game at the CYC level..  If a player consistently misses practice and is a disciplinary problem, you may sit a player out a game or take away game time, provided the parents of player(s) involved, the sport Coordinator and the SSSA Executive Board know why in advance.
  • There will be no games or practices at St. Sabina Athletic Fields while Mass is in session.
  • There will be no games or practices at St. Sabina Athletic Fields while PSR is in session.
  • No child shall miss PSR to attend an athletic event.
  • Managers and coaches shall actively use their influence to promote a Christian attitude and sportsmanship from their spectators, working with the sport Coordinator, the SSSA and the CYC.
  • Game officials shall have the respect and support of the managers and coaches.  The manager and/or coach shall not conduct themselves in a manner which will incite players or spectators against the officials.  Public criticism of officials is unethical.  If you are consistently having a problem that cannot be solved by discussing it with the officials during a timeout, fill out an incident report and report that you did so to the SSSA Executive Board.

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